New Government and dualVET

Cover page of coalition agreement

The federal government under the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz also commented on the role of vocational training in its coalition agreement. This is a clear commitment to strengthening the dual system.

Excerpt from the Coalition agreement (own translation):

„To strengthen and modernize vocational schools, we work with the federal states, local authorities and relevant actors on a pact. With the countries (Bundesländer) we build the professional orientation and youth employment agencies nationwide. We want a training guarantee that gives every young person access to fully qualifying vocational training mainly in the company. We continue the alliance for training. We are expanding introductory qualification, training-related assistance and joint training. We open the aid for refugees. We welcome collectively agreed compensation funds. In regions with a significant undersupply of training places, we initiate external training offers in close consultation with the social partners. We increase the mobility for people in training and education. We provide support for people who are unemployed and have basic income and support fully qualifying training courses in continuing vocational training, regardless of their duration. Full-time schooling must be remunerated and free of tuition fees. We will launch an Excellence Initiative Vocational Education, e.g. we expand „InnoVet“ and open the Federal organizations for the promotion of gifted students for vocational training. Equivalent Qualification levels will be recognized for higher career paths in the public sector. The results of the evaluation for the dual study program will be consultet quickly with all relevant stakeholders.“

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