Lower Saxony Country and Employment Agency strengthen occupational orientation for high school graduates

With a new volume of material teachers at grammar schools, comprehensive schools and vocational high schools get tips and suggestions for job-oriented lessons. Aspiring high school graduates should thus be better supported in the choice of a career or study. The corresponding handbook „Effectively Accompanying Vocational Guidance – Modules for High Schools, Comprehensive Schools and Vocational High Schools in Lower Saxony“ is by Lower Saxony’s Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne and Bärbel Höltzen-Schoh, Chairman of the Management Board of the Regional Directorate Lower Saxony-Bremen of the Federal Employment Agency at the Leibniz School in Hanover been presented.

„Students should become acquainted with occupational fields and, as a result, have a clearer idea of ​​which career path they would like to take, whether dual education or study. In this context, I emphasize explicitly that dual education is also an attractive option for high school graduates. „explains Minister of Culture Tonne.

With the material volume the measures of the vocational orientation in Lower Saxony are flanked. As early as 2017, the „sample concept with handouts; Vocational and study orientation „has set an important milestone. In addition, in October 2018, the new decree „Vocational orientation in general education schools“ will enter into force. In particular at the grammar schools the vocational orientation is strengthened. For example, the subject Politics – Economics in the eleventh year will receive an extra hour, which will promote the process of vocational orientation of the pupils.

link to Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture (german language)

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