Ein Espresso mit ... Fritz Michler

Dr. Fritz Michler

Dr. Fritz Michler Senior Expert VET Senior Manager (Section Manager, Vice Principal, Principal in Vocational Colleges) from 1993-2017 University Lecturer

What do you think is the most important part of the dual vocational training system?

The most important part of vocational training is giving young people the opportunity to get a qualified training to make their own living – always being aware that training in a certain job/profession is only the starting point. There are various ways of achieving the goal of a qualified vocational training. The Dual Vocational Training as we see it in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and parts of Italy is one way – admittedly, a successful one. The most important factors in Dual Vocational Training are among others – the combination of practical work experience in companies and theory in colleges. – nationwide given curricula (in companies and colleges) in about 325 recognized apprenticeships and thus acknowledgement of the examinations nationwide, meaning defined responsibilities in training. – continuous work on curricula and examinations in joint bodies of companies, unions and colleges to keep the needed standards. – supervision of training by the Chambers of Commerce and Crafts.

What chances do you see in promoting the dual vocational training system?

The Dual Vocational Training in Germany has been developed over a period of at least 150 years. Certain routines and regulations can only be understood in this context. To think that this system can be transferred on a one-to-one basis would be somewhat naïve. Achieving acceptance to change a running system is a difficult thing. But starting with pilot projects in a specific area (e.g., logistics, mechanics) might help to convince people to change their perspective. We should always keep in mind that what we are doing is no end in itself, it is the continuous struggle to find the best ways to support young people on their way into a qualified education. The dual vocational training system is a perfect preparation for the professional challenges in the future.

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