ErasmusDays 2020

The Erasmusdays take place in October. We will participate and present our projects. Take part and register with your ideas at www.eramusdays.eu

There will be more information soon…

„Last year almost 4000 projects were carried out in 53 countries for the ErasmusDays – and reached over 39 million people digitally under the hashtag #ErasmusDays. The media campaign around the ErasmusDays helps the institutions to make their international educational cooperation and their commitment known They also support us in spreading the common idea for Europe. This year, due to the Corona crisis, the full spectrum of live events imaginable in public space will probably not be possible as in previous years, but will offer on the other side the ErasmusDays gives us the opportunity to expand our newly acquired skills in the area of ​​online events and distance learning. There are no limits to your imagination: whether webinars, throw-back photos or videos, testimonials, online events, contests and challenges, blogs, online exhibitions, podcasts or balcony events – everything is possible! Even more than in previous years, social media and self-produced video or picture contributions will be the focus of the ErasmusDays and who knows, maybe we can increase the number of events despite the crisis and the current mobility restrictions. Because rarely before has the awareness of the possibility of being able to belong to large movements as a small contribution online be so present in the minds of people. „


EIZ Niedersachsen - Informationszentrum im Europe Direct-Netzwerk der Europäischen Union

EIZ Niedersachsen - Informationszentrum im Europe Direct-Netzwerk der Europäischen Union